Peace Boat GLOBAL Voyage

2022 August Zenith

Yokohama-Singapore, 31 August 2022 - 1 December 2022, 93 days

 Yokohama-Yokohama, 31 August 2022 - 12 December 2022, 104 days

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Kobe/Yokohama > Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky > Vancouver > Manzanillo > Puerto Quetzal > Balboa > Passing through the Panama Canal > Havana > Saint Lawrence River Cruise > Montreal > Quebec City > Aurora > Reykjavik > Aurora > Glasgow > Liverpool > Porto > Tangier > Barcelona > Marseille > Civitavecchia > Naples > Piraeus > Istanbul > Port Said > Passing through the Suez Canal > Cochin > Penang > Singapore > Keelung > Kobe/Yokohama
*Japan and cruise highlights (canals, aurora) in green are excluded in the number of ports mentioned above.

Witness the Gradations of Colors in the Sky and the Vibrant Hues of Nature!

This cruise will take you to various historical World Heritage Sites that have lasted through the millennia, including the Tikal ruins in Guatemala, where the Mayan civilisation has prospered for centuries; Egypt, where ancient civilization once flourished; and Rome, the historic center of the Roman Empire.

Highlights of the cruise include viewing the autumn foliage in Canada and the aurora in Iceland. During the 5 days in the Aurora Belt near 65⁰N latitude, you will experience chances to observe the natural light show from both the ocean and the town.

The Pearl of the Caribbean
– Havana

Havana’s old town with its colonial past and streets filled with colorful vintage cars are some of the unique views only found in Cuba. Join the friendly locals as they gather around to enjoy lively Cuban music.

The Mecca of Autumn Foliage – Maple Road

After sailing up the Saint Lawrence River, Canada will welcome you to its two prominent Francophone cities, Quebec City and Montreal. The remnants and influence of French settlers are even more charming during foliage season.

The Cities of Must–visit World Heritage Sites

Other than grand monuments which have withstood centuries of history like in the historic district of Rome and the Egyptian pyramids, we will also visit ports home to other amazing World Heritage Sites such as Porto, Barcelona, Naples, Istanbul and more.

Peace Boat OCEANIA Voyage

2022 December Zenith

Yokohama-Yokohama, 19 Dec 2022 - 16 Feb 2023, 60 days

Experience the Beauty of Nature Down Under Around-Oceania Cruise

This voyage will make its way to the other side of the equator, visiting millenia-old natural wonders and beautiful port cities that blend into the lush nature of Oceania and the Pacific Islands during the peak of summer. Experience the uniques culture shaped by this fertile land and connect with those living here.

The highlight of this trip is cruising the spectacular famous spectacular inlet formed by centuries of glacial erosion, Milford Sound. Slowly sailing through the serene water as you gaze at the towering cliffs right next to you will be an unforgettable experience.

Seven Cities of Australia

From one of the three prettiest harbor cities in the world – Sydney, to a city full of European charm – Melbourne, this cruise will visit some of the most scenic and beautiful cities in Australia.

Milford Sound –
A Masterpiece by Nature

This natural wonder is made up of breathtaking views, including waterfalls formed by glacial meltwater cutting through the steep mountain, and wild animals peacefully resting on rocks. Appreciate this masterpiece created over time while being right in the middle of it.

Palau – the Country of over 500 Islands, Large and Small

The beautiful World Heritage Site of the Rock Islands, and the old capital and current economic and cultural center of Koror are just some examples of the many things Palau has to offer.


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Yokohama/Kobe > Hualien > Cebu > Benoa > Broome > Perth > Adelaide > Melbourne > Hobart > Sydney > Sailing through Milford Sound > Christchurch > Auckland > Noumea > Cairns > Koror > Yokohama/Kobe
*Japan and cruise highlights in green are excluded in the number of ports mentioned above.


Relax in comfort at sea, where time moves at a slower pace.

With a colorful history that kicked off with Celebrity Cruises, its elegance and modern design make this ship the perfect way to travel by sea. Sizable public spaces, plenty of cabins with balconies, and stepped-up onboard services are set to make life on board better than ever.

The Zenith

Completed 1992
Year of refurbished 2020
Ship Registration Country Panama
Capacity 1,828
Tonnage 47,413 tons
Length 208m
Width 29m
Draft 7.31m

Lobby & Reception

Furnished with warm tone and wood decor, the lobby welcomes you with its ample space and openness. Our experienced staff at the reception area will provide assistance to enrich your time on board.

Pool & Deck

Surrounded by deep blue ocean while winding down under the sun is one of the best parts of going on cruises. Sit back and savour your cruise-only moments as you appreciate the gradual change of scenery over time.

Cafe & Bar

Whether it is for an afternoon-chill with hand drip coffee or a late night drink with original cocktails, our collection of cozy cafes and stylish bars got you covered.

Show Lounge

Being the largest space onboard, the 2-floor high show lounge will be the venue to hold guest talks, live performances, movie-viewing and other big events.


The Zenith is fully equipped with relaxation spaces. Get into the bubbling tub and let it slowly heals away any travel fatigue, as you gaze at the panoramic sea view.

Food for Your Mind, Body & Soul

The easygoing main restaurant and the open buffet restaurant will bring you an around-the-world gastronomic experience, with the goal of delivering the best meals for both your body and your mind.

Cabin Information

From stylish balcony cabins to economic room-sharing cabins, there are many room types available to accommodate different group sizes and budgets.

Note: The image is Balcony I cabin and only for reference.

Balcony Class Cabins

Once you step onto the open balcony, you can enjoy the viewing of passing through the canals or cruising the fjords, unique to a cruise experience.

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2022 August Zenith, Yokohama - Singapore
Regular Campaign
Pair Balcony Ⅰ 825,000 569,000
Pair Balcony Ⅱ 773,000 538,000

*Fare per person
*$0 Cruise Fare for all 17 years old or below

*Image for reference only.

Inside Class Cabins

If you are a social person who will spend most of the time in public areas and only go back to the room for rest, this modest and commodious cabins is what you are looking for.

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2022 August Zenith, Yokohama - Singapore
Regular Campaign
Pair Inside 488,000 428,000

*Fare per person
*$0 Cruise Fare for all 17 years old or below

For any inquiry concerning the cruise fare of the Oceania Voyage - 2022 December Zenith, please contact us via the inquiry form or our local travel agent listed below.

*Image for reference only.

*Image for reference only.

Deluxe Suite

The commodious living area is the signature of this suite, perfect for inviting some new friends made on cruise over for a nice long chat.

*Image for reference only.

Junior Suite

With a sofa by the window, you can relax and enjoy the view outside in this stylish cabin with comfort.

*Image for reference only.

Outside Class Cabin

These cozy and clean cabins on the sea side are well lit by the natural light coming in from the large window.

What people say

A Satisfying Cruise Experience!

It was fantastic to be able to board our dream cruise from Singapore. Before we knew it, the ship had already arrived to our ports of call. There were no long waits at border controls like those in busy airports. We didn't have to wait for luggage nor drag them around while navigating local transports. It was just all very easy and relaxing, as traveling should be! The best thing was we didn't have to waste time to recover from jet lag!
Now that we finally found a way to travel with less stress and physical constraints, we can continue our passion of traveling for more years to come!

Lifelong Friendships Made!

I didn't quite know what to expect as I joined the cruise by myself. Turns out, there were plenty of opportunities for me to meet with other people from all places and even made some new friends! What also impressed me was the way that Peace Boat cruise really catered to the needs of Asian passengers, especially in offering language assistance and providing meals that are not just healthy and delicious, but also more to the taste of Asian people. I am truly glad that I signed up because the things that I got from this cruise is far more precious and meaningful than normal sightseeing.

What's Peace Boat







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Peace Boat is a committed campaigner for the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, or SDGs. Also known as the “Global Goals”, the SDGs are a call to action to protect the planet and end poverty. We sail with the SDG logo on our ship, and our programs onboard and in port engage people to take action for the goals.

Our wellness policy

On Peace Boat Cruise, we are taking the following measures to maintain the health of our guests and ultimately allow you to enjoy your trip in peace.

Onboard Professional Trainers

Training programs combining nutrition monitoring and set goals will help building you a habit of exercising. Advice on disease prevention and lifestyle problems is also available. Start your body transformation journey and know more about fitness!

Meals that Are Easy on Your Body

Being known for its nutritious values and the use of seasonal, fresh ingredients, the food prepared on board will be mainly centered on Japanese cuisine to meet your personal health needs.

Onboard Doctor & Medical Staff

Under the guidance of public health experts and US maritime medical institutions, we will strengthen the infectious disease prevention measures at all times from boarding until disembarking.


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